MIL-STD-129 Shipment Label Set


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Mil-Std-129 Printing Service

If you need labels printed ASAP, let us do it for you. Each year, large numbers of DoD contractors trust EasySoft to deliver Mil-Std-129 labels that are in compliance. Place your order today and you'll receive your Mil-Std-129 shipment labels and a certificate of conformance.

UID and RFID Cleanly Managed

When UID and RFID are involved, we make the process clean and manageable. Label sets indicate how to pack and label even the most complex nesting scenarios. Serialized and barcoded packing lists are included.

Get It Right First

Once we have all the data right, we provide you with an electronic PROOF prior to making your labels. These proofs are a great opportunity to see exactly how the labels will look. Many customers will forward the Proofs to their end-customer or QAR in order to avoid any confusion. Once the proofing process is complete, we go to production. Your label set is prepared and ready to be applied.

Use the Quotation If You Are Unsure

If you are unsure of how your shipment needs to look, submit your data and our concierge service will figure it out for you. Try this Custom Quote for Mil-Std-129.

Complies With Mil-Std-129P, Mil-Std-129R, Mil-Std-2073
Use to Print . . . Military Shipping Label (MSL), Unit PACK Label, Intermediate Container Marking, Exterior Container Marking, Serialized Unit PACK, Serialized Intermediate Container Marking, Serialized Exterior Container Marking, 4x2 RFID Tag, MSL with RFID, 2-Part RFID Tag, EchoTAG RFID
Printing Method Laser Printer, Thermal Transfer