EasyForm MSL - MIL-STD-129R Software


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EasyForm MSL enables MIL-STD-129 Barcoding and Labeling. Choose your licensing options prior to Add-to-Cart.

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EasyForm MSL and EasyForm MSL-RFID

EasySoft's barcoding solution for DoD shipping compliance is the leading program for Mil-Std-129R shipping compliance.  If you are just getting started with DoD contracts or if you are bringing DoD packaging and shipping back in-house, then EasyForm MSL is the answer for you. EasyForm MSL was one of the first desktop solutions for military-packaging and barcode compliance.

Thousands of contractors have chosen EasyForm MSL and EasyForm MSL-RFID as their labeling compliance system because of its incredible value. EasyForm MSL comes with features that make it a virtually perfect fit for most DoD contractors.  Rather than paying for features you don't need, EasySoft lets you purchase just what you need for your specific contracting situation.

Don't let compliance failures cause put your contracts in jeopardy when you could be using EasyForm MSL in a matter of minutes and be producing barcoded labels in compliance with Mil-Std-129R!  

EasyForm MSL - Standard Edition

  • Unit Pack Labels
  • Intermediate Container Identification Markings
  • Exterior Container Identification Markings
  • Barcoded Serial Numbers & Serial Number Lists
  • MSL Labels
  • Load Builder

EasyForm MSL-RFID Upgrade

  • All features of EasyForm MSL plus
  • RFID Labels, 4x2, EchoTAGs (with Shop Travelers)
  • MSL-RFID Combination 'Smart Labels'
  • RFID History and Microsoft Excel exports
  • RFID Load Builder

UID Packaging Labels, Add-On

  • Features for Printing UII on 2D barcode labels
  • UII Load Builder
Complies With Mil-Std-129P, Mil-Std-129R, Mil-Std-2073, DFARS 252.211-7006, DFARS 252.211-7003, DFARS 252.211-7007, Mil-Std-130N
Works with . . . Zebra R110Xi, Printronix SL4M, Zebra 2844-Z, Printronix SL5402, Monarch 9855R, EasyForm SFTP
Printing Method Laser Printer, Thermal Transfer
Use to Print . . . Military Shipping Label (MSL), Unit PACK Label, Intermediate Container Marking, Exterior Container Marking, Serialized Unit PACK, Serialized Intermediate Container Marking, Serialized Exterior Container Marking, 4x2 RFID Tag, MSL with RFID, 2-Part RFID Tag, EchoTAG RFID
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10