Honeywell 2D Barcode Scanner


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Configured by EasySoft to read MIL-STD-129R and UID Datamatrix barcodes.
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<p>&#160;</p><p>This sleek, high-speed scanner can be used for Mil-Std-129P and Mil-Std-130N barcode reading.&#160;</p><p>It can scan RFID serial numbers into the wide-area-workflow when used in conjunction with our EchoTAGs.&#160;</p><p>Do you have on-site inspections and reviews for DoD contracts?&#160; Is your QAR&#160;asking you to verify your barcoes?&#160; This scanner can also be used to demonstrate that the 1D and 2D barcodes (Code 39 and PDF417) you printed on your Mil-Std-129P labels are in compliance.&#160; This scanner acts as a wedge reader and can be used for other data-capture purposes.</p><p>This scanner also reads&#160;2D barcodes for Mil-Std-130&#160;in the Data&#160;Matrix format and can be used to confirm that the barcodes are readable during on-site inspections.</p><p>&#160;</p><p>Plug and Scan The plug and play ability of the OPI 2002 allows the user to quickly connect and operate the scanner. Multi-interfacing and easy cable replacement put the exceptional scanning performance to immediate and interchangeable use.</p><p>&#160;</p><p>Ergonomic and Lightweight A lightweight and balanced design provides an ergonomic fit for all day extended use. Physical stress and user fatigue are reduced due to the OPI 2002 having a weight of only 135 g (4.8 oz) and a rubber stabilizer around the pistol grip thus providing maximum comfort during operation. Enhanced Floodlighting High performance LEDs create sharper contrast between the code and the background allowing for faster reading and decoding by the 1.3 megapixel imager while also improving performance by increasing the resistance to hand movement.</p><p>&#160;</p><p>Application Versatility With its unique blend of performance and ergonomics, the OPI 2002 is designed to fit in a wide range of applications. The wide scan angle provides unparalleled value in linear and 2D barcode reading, omni-directional reading and image based-data capture.</p><p>&#160;</p>
Weather (UV & Climate) No
Temp in F No
Temp in C No
Abrasion No
Resistance Properties No
Label Size (L x W) No
Works with . . . EasyForm MSL, EasyForm MSL-RFID, EchoTAGs
Complies With Mil-Std-129P, Mil-Std-129R, Mil-Std-130N
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Supported Linear Barcodes Code 39
Supported 2-D Barcodes Macro PDF417
Use to Print . . . No
Stock Size No
Label Material No
Label Size L x W No
Labels Per Sheet No
Quantity Per . . . No
Rolls Per Case No
Ribbon Type No
How Long Can This Ribbon Last? Around 2,900 of the 4 X 6 Labels, Around 8,800 of the 4 x 2 Labels
Printing Method No
Command Language No
RFID Frequency No
RFID Tag Type No