EasyForm WAWF - WAWF Automation


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EasyForm WAWF automates RFID and UID submission data

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EasyForm WAWF

EasySoft's solution for Wide Area Workflow data transmission puts you in control of your company's connection to the DoD's Wide Area Workflow (WAWF).  If you are just getting started with RFID and UID uploads to WAWF or if you've been doing it for some time your business can save hours of time spent entering complex data over the internet.  If you are paying monthly or annual fees to EDI providers or other to service providers who provide you access to transmitting files to WAWF you can save money there too.

Thousands of contractors have chosen EasySoft Corporation's DoD compliance solutions over the years.  EasySoft has provided tools that are easy to learn and use and backs them up with highly responsive support and services.  Rather than paying for costly subscriptions you don't need, EasySoft lets you become self-reliant in managing your compliance for DoD.

EasyForm WAWF can be used in conjunction with EasyTAGs or with the EasyForm-MSL-RFID solutions. It removes the burden of re-keying or copying RFID data into the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF).

EasyForm WAWF:

  • Meets RFID and UID registration compliance requirements
  • Performs PACK of RFID and UID serial numbers
  • Simplified user interface
  • Utilizes DoD specified Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and document formats
Complies With Mil-Std-129P, Mil-Std-129R, DFARS 252.211-7006
Works with . . . EasyForm MSL, EasyForm MSL-RFID, EasyTAGs, EchoTAGs
Printing Method Laser Printer
Use to Print . . . DD250
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10